Plant-based yeast suppression

Candid-X (90 Caps)


Suppress yeast overgrowth with a high-strength blend of potent botanical extracts formulated to reduce microbes and relieve symptoms. †

  • Get control of excessive yeast with botanical extracts that directly suppress growth
  • Balance gut flora by promoting healthy microbial balance without disturbing beneficial microbes
  • Relieve digestive discomfort with plant compounds that soothe your gut
  • A perfect complement to our Microb-Defend formula, for addressing stubborn cases

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Suggested Use

2 capsules three times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.


Two Capsules of Candid-X Contain:

Sodium – 40 mg
Biotin – 200 mcg
Sodium Caprylate – 150 mg
Berberine HCL – 150 mg
Oregano (Aerial Part) – 150 mg
Cinnamon (Bark Extract) – 100mg
Chamomile (Flowers) – 100 mg
Ginger (Rhizome) – 100 mg
Pau D’ Arco (Bark Extract) – 100 mg
Rosemary (Aerial Part Extract) – 100 mg

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystaline Cellulose, Sodium Chloride, Hypromellose

Allergen Information

Contains: No known allergens

Formulated to be free of: Egg, Dairy, Shellfish/Fish, Tree Nuts/Peanuts, Soy, Gluten, Bromelain, Corn, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, Sodium, Sugar, Rice.

Gut Health, Microbiome Balance

A microbiome of bacteria and yeast inhabits your gut, striving to maintain a harmonious balance that supports intestinal integrity and digestive health. Under ideal conditions, a yeast called Candida albicans resides as a natural part of your flora and allows friendly bacteria to defend against pathogens and boost nutrient absorption. However, factors such as medications (especially antibiotics), chronic stress, and an unhealthy diet can cause intestinal dysbiosis and lead to an overgrowth of yeast which results in a multitude of detrimental health effects.
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Keeping yeast levels under control is critical to maintaining digestive, urinary, and reproductive health. When yeasts proliferate, they can cause dysfunction throughout the digestive and urinary tracts. You may suffer from  gut symptoms like nausea, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as more subtle gut-brain symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and sleep difficulty.

Yeast Therapy Alternatives

Though antifungal prescriptions can target Candida overgrowth, they possess side effect profiles that may include digestive upset and medication interactions. These drugs also cause chaos in the gut, as they do not spare beneficial microbes from destruction. In contrast, botanicals have been harnessed worldwide for centuries due to their well-tolerated healing properties. Candid-X is a plant-based blend of 10 potent, rigorously studied plant-based nutrients that may reduce unhealthy yeast levels without killing off beneficial bacteria. †

The Candid-X Advantage

Candid-X contains time-tested botanical extracts  to not only support healthy yeast levels but also ease the tissue irritation caused by excess yeast and inflammation. Designed to complement beneficial bacteria supplements – like BioMatrix’ Support Biotic – Candid-X contributes to full-spectrum microbiome support. †

Full-Spectrum Yeast Control

  • Sodium Caprylate – A derivative of coconut extracted caprylic acid to assist in eliminating toxic levels of yeast while also defending against inflammation.
  • Berberine – Derived from barberry, berberine has been proven to be selective in its anti-microbial effects. It can target Candida without harming beneficial flora, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species.
  • Oregano – Contains bioactive compounds to aid in inhibiting yeast cell division and growth, especially carvacrol, a well-known anti-fungal compound.
  • Cinnamon – To support the suppression of yeast replication and growth while also soothing Candida-related symptoms. Cinnamon can act as an antifungal by damaging the cell membrane and preventing the yeast from reproducing.
  • Chamomile – Contains caprylic acid to support Candida cell membrane destruction and relieve gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea.
  • Ginger – Contains shagelol and gingerol to support defenses against yeast overgrowth.
  • Pau D’ Arco – Derived from trees in the South American rainforests to support defense against yeast overgrowth and modulate localized inflammation.
  • Rosemary – Contains antioxidants and assists in inhibiting Candida growth while also targeting immune strength and inflammatory control.

FAQ: Candid-X

When should I take this product?
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Empty stomach seems well tolerated by most people, whenever is convenient. Sensitive individuals can combine with a small, light snack.

Does this product help with Candida?

The ingredients are known to help in the suppression of Candida yeast. But each person’s Candida overgrowth is different, and in some cases, medicine is necessary. We have many clinicians who use this formula to clear up gut imbalances.

Is this an anti-fungal?

It may possess anti-fungal properties; however FDA regulations forbid us from stating specifically. We encourage you to research the individual ingredients for their active properties.

I am taking this product to deal with yeast overgrowth. Can I take it with Microb-Defend?

This combo is commonly taken by patients on a 30-60 day Candida treatment and can be very effective, but we suggest starting slowly, one product at a time, given the die-off effects that can be stimulated as dying yeast release toxins.

Can I open the capsules and pour the powder into food or drinks?

This is not recommended, because you want the capsule to break up while in the stomach for optimal release into the intestines.

Science-Based Ingredients

  • Sodium caprylate – This compound is a derivative of the caprylic acid found within coconut oil. Caprylic acid can enter the Candida cell membrane, induce rupture, and result in the functional destruction of Candida Multiple in silico and in vitro studies have found that the addition of caprylic acid disrupts the cell membrane and significantly increased Candida albicans eradication rates in biofilms [1,2]. Additionally, caprylic acid was found to significantly reduce inflammatory markers in patients with inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions [3].
  • Berberine HCL – Research shows that berberine extract has substantial antimicrobial activity against a range of pathogens that include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and yeasts (4). Berberine is highly effective against Candida in numerous studies. [5].
  • Oregano (aerial part) – Native to Mediterranean regions, this herb contains bioactive compounds called carvacrol and thymol. An in vitro study found that these active compounds exhibited a dose-dependent effect that significantly inhibited the growth of Candida, and even completely inhibited growth at 0.25 mg/ml [6].
  • Cinnamon (bark extract) – Cinnamon is a well-known natural fungicide. A randomized controlled trial found that cinnamon significantly and potently inhibited over three strains of Candida, including Candida albicans [7]. Another randomized controlled trial found that patients with oral Candida infections who were supplemented with cinnamon for 15 days experienced a significant clinical improvement in their signs and symptoms [8].
  • Chamomile (flowers) – Chamomile possesses several compounds that aid in defense against Candida, including caprylic acid and quercetin. In patients with inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions, researchers found that patients who took supplements containing chamomile experienced significantly reduced symptoms such as gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea [9].
  • Ginger (rhizome) – Ginger contains compounds, including shagelol and gingerol, that exhibit fungus inhibiting properties that can target Candida One study found that patients with vaginal Candida infections who were supplemented with a prescription and ginger for seven days experienced significantly improved itching, burning, and discharge quality, when compared with the prescription alone [10].
  • Pau D’ Arco (bark extract) – Extracted from the Tabebuia trees within the South American rainforests, this extract contains potent compounds like quercetin and naphthoquinones. Researchers have found that the Pau D’ Arco bark extract possesses significantly higher activity against fungi and yeasts, including Candida albicans, when compared with 13 other South American traditional botanicals [11]. This extract also contains properties that influence the production of prostaglandins to balance inflammation.
  • Rosemary (aerial part extract) – Rosemary, which contains a milieu of potent antioxidants, has been used for centuries across several cultures as a medicinal herb with antiseptic properties. In vitro studies show that rosemary extract exhibits inhibitory activity over Candida albicans [12]. The antioxidants within rosemary also support inflammatory balance, immune maintenance, and cognitive health.
  • Biotin – Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is essential for a wide variety of metabolic processes that sustain your metabolism, immunity, and skin health, among its many other benefits. This macronutrient is needed to effectively neutralize reactive oxygen species and support T-cell and B-cell mediated immunity. These defense mechanisms are critical when defending against Candida


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In order to deliver these nutrients to create benefits, there must be efficient absorption into the cells.


Our formulas contain ingredients and co-factors which support the ability of nutrients to do work quickly.


We use botanically sourced ingredients whenever possible, to provide your body with nature’s simplicity and efficacy.