Why BioMatrix?

Trust a 20-year leader in functional wellness with your supplements.

Clinical Grade Nutrition

Since 1999, BioMatrix has provided specialized dietary supplements to support the body’s functional systems – with an emphasis on balancing and repairing the hormonal and digestive systems. Our purpose is straightforward…

Make a positive impact on the underlying causes of health problems.

That’s where our slogan Clinical Grade comes in. In order to make a positive impact on health, we produce formulas that pass the review of clinicians who appreciate the difference between commonplace products and those created to stand apart and make an impact.

Integrative Health Insiders with Deep Experience

Our leadership team has decades of experience in the functional medicine space which helps us stay up to date and bring perspective from tens of thousands of health professionals and wellness enthusiasts we’ve worked with worldwide. Below are some of the primary reasons you’re in good hands with BioMatrix.

Manufacturing Excellence

BioMatrix is partnered with USA-based manufacturers who specialize in specific areas of production, namely: liquid suspension, gel cap liquids, powder encapsulation, botanical encapsulation, and live bacteria probiotics. This allows us to be offer a diverse set of products, yet achieve the excellence that comes with specialization. Our partners are vetted for their time and experience in the industry, FDA inspection histories, raw material standards, independent certifications, history of superior performance, and attention to detail.

Research and Development by Industry Leaders

In order to achieve superior results, BioMatrix is partnered with 3rd party organizations that specialize in formulation and product performance. These groups research, formulate and execute complex experiments in both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. This ensures that BioMatrix formulas and delivery methods are developed and tested by teams of PhD organic chemists who have undertaken complex projects in areas like drug manufacturing and small molecule synthesis.

Quality Assurance

BioMatrix products are manufactured according to cGMP regulations and strict quality-control standards. cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA. Adherence to cGMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of supplements by requiring that manufacturers control all aspects of the manufacturing operations. Our products undergo third-party testing to ensure that quality meets or exceeds every expectation.


Our ingredients are obtained from high-quality raw material sources and provided in amounts which optimize their effectiveness and value. Ingredient potency meets or exceeds label claim through expiration.

Plant Sources

Whenever botanically derived ingredients will satisfy our requirement for evidence-based benefits, they are utilized in our formulas in whole form or as optimized extractions. Science and tradition influence their inclusion.

Lab Data Driven

Two decades of working with functional medicine labs, such as BioHealth, provided us the opportunity to look at pre and post data on patients using our products, to reinforce our confidence in their healing potential.

Clinician Collaboration

Dynamic collaboration with health professionals who work with patients, and train other clinicians, has provided insight to guide our formulas and protocols through continuous improvement.

Therapeutic Protocols

When collaborating with lab staff and clinicians, we had real-life experience seeing how dosing and ingredients impacted actual patient test results as protocols were used. This knowledge is reflected in dosing recommendations.

Trusted by Leaders

For years, renowned training programs led by successful health professionals (e.g., Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Integrative Medicine Academy, Kalish Method, Functional Medicine University) have recommended our products.